Jobs for Kids By Age (Article Review)

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I am a big supporter of kids helping out around the house.  Whether you offer rewards or simply expect your kids to pitch in, this list is a great place to start.  It easily breaks down jobs by age and gives several ideas in each age bracket.  If you start at a young age, these household skills as well as feelings regarding family participation will be better developed.  Long term this means less fighting, nagging, and whining.

What chores do your kids do?  How early did you start a chores system?

I would love to hear your story and address any questions or concerns you have about kids and household jobs.

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7 Tips to Successfully Introduce the New Puppy to Your Young Children

Came across this gem today as I was posting articles to Pinterest. As a dog owner and advocate of the family pet, I really liked how the author talked about meeting the dog’s needs as well as the kids’ benefit to helping with the new pet, like reading books, keeping the area free of debris, taking turns, assigning chores, etc. I read lots of good articles about this topic but this one jumped out at me as one that really thoughtfully summed up the steps to take and the reality of having puppies and kids.




Caretakers – Where to Look

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One of the biggest decisions some parents make about their children is who they entrust as a caretaker.  Whether you decide to enroll your child at a daycare or preschool, hire a nanny, enlist a family member, or get a babysitter a few nights a month, it is important to begin the search for the right person with as much information as possible.  I am going to discuss finding the right caretaker for your child all week and I would like to start today with the first step.

To begin the process of finding a great caretaker for your kids, here is a list of places to look:

Friends, family, neighbors, coworkers
Ask around among the people you trust most.  Getting a personal recommendation can save you lots of time and the hassle of going through other avenues.

Facebook and other social media
Putting the word out to people you may not see or talk to as often is an easy way to let lots of people know what you seek with very little work.

A professional service
While this route may be very expensive, the background check, qualifications check, and follow-up of recommendations is done for you.  It may be worth the money to save the time and effort of doing that yourself.

Craig’s List
Putting an ad on Craig’s List is also a great way to connect to people who are seeking this type of employment.  Be ready for the gamut of qualifications, there is no “filter” on Craig’s List ads to weed out completely unqualified candidates.  This is not a bad option, but certainly relies on you to do the legwork to ensure you know the person you are hiring.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a very important decision.  The final decision of who you choose should be based on multiple factors.  I will cover more of those factors in this week’s blogs.  As always, if you would like more specific suggestions based on your family’s unique situation, please contact me directly.

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