Living with Celiac Disease

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Today I bring you a guest post from a dear friend living with celiac disease.  She is very involved within the celiac community and has great suggestions as well as product recommendations.  A big thank you to Katie and her family for sharing their experiences and wisdom.

I am a mother that has celiac disease, and I am raising two young boys who at this time do not have celiac disease.  Of course, I realize that it may come on at any stage of their lives.  I was diagnosed with celiac disease 7 years ago and for the last 3 years I have been the VP of Programs for the Denver Celiac Sprue Association.  This has resulted in my planning all of our chapter meetings, gluten-free picnics, and I am the person in charge of the Incredible, Edible Gluten-Free Food Fairs that we put on in Denver each year.  The Denver CSA has a membership of over 700, so I am always around people with Celiac Disease, people living with gluten intolerance, or talking with parents of children with celiac disease.  With my experiences, I know how hard it can be to have the disease.  I believe it would be even harder to have a child that is the only one in the family with the disease.  I am always happy to help, if I can, with your situation.  My e-mail address is

Personal experience and tricks to dealing with celiac disease while raising kids 

  • I need to eat gluten-free but my husband and children do not.  We do picnics at the parks often and I have noticed that I have gotten sick more often lately.  The only thing I can think of is that I am feeding my kids wheat at the same time that I am eating my gluten-free lunch.  I have started waiting to eat until after I am done feeding them and have felt a lot better lately.
  • Initially it was difficult dealing with this much gluten on a daily basis but I have gotten used to it at this point.  I always just make sure to make the gluten-free meal first and then deal with the wheat separately.
  • If we make cookies, cakes, muffins, pizzas, etc. I always make them gluten-free so I can eat these treats with my family – we do not even have regular flour at our house anymore.  It makes it easier than making two of everything and I have worked at it and found recipes that everyone likes now.
  • There are so many great gluten-free products on the market now days that it makes things a lot easier.  Some of my very favorites are Rudi’s and Udi’s breads, Pamela’s Pancake Mix, Tinkyada pasta, Schar USA products (can be found at Walmart), Chex cereal, and Think Thin protein barsThe Last Crumb Bakery has amazing gluten-free flour called Cheatin Wheat that I have used for several years with all of my favorite recipes and it works great!
  • It is always great to have support so if you have not already, look at joining the Denver Celiac Sprue Association. We have events throughout the year and it is fun to talk with others going through the same things that you are.

    6th Annual Incredible Edible Gluten-Free Food Fair™

  • If you are a parent of a child with Celiac Disease, the Denver Celiac Sprue Association also has Cel-Kids and Cel-Teens group that puts on gluten-free events for the kids.  Check out the website for more info

Lots of families share Katie’s story and are living with Celiac disease or have a gluten-free diet.  If you have questions, please contact me through this blog or leave a comment below. 

If you know someone who is living gluten-free please share this blog with them. 

Good Luck,



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