Letters To Santa

Good Morning,

The holidays are almost here and I am sure you are already busy shopping, eating, and caroling.  If you are not in full holiday mode, there is still time!

Each year the post office is inundated with letters written to Santa.  Many children spend some time before Christmas creating a list of gifts they would like to receive.  As fun as this activity is, why not take it one step further?  Include an academic bent, and invite your kids to think a little deeper about the year past.

What you will need

  • Paper or Stationary
  • Pens, markers, pencils
  • Stickers
  • Craft supplies
  • Envelope
  • Stamps
  • An hour or more
  • Clean spot to work with lots of space

There are several ways your child can add an academic aspect to writing letters to Santa.

  • Use their best handwriting
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Open and close the letter correctly
  • Write their first and last name
  • Use paragraphs
  • Tell Santa what they have done to deserve the gifts

If you have a child that is not able to write a letter or doesn’t want to, there are several ways to get around that issue.

  • They dictate a letter that you write
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Draw pictures
  • Act/talk it out while you record them
  • Sing a song to Santa

Encourage your children to take part in this fun activity.  You can write back to them and praise their writing, singing, and good behavior over the past year.  Make this a family activity by having family members pose as Santa and write letters back.  Just have fun with this seasonal craft.

Good Luck,



2 thoughts on “Letters To Santa

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