Online Use and Safety for Kids and Teens

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Teaching Kids to Use Computers

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I have noticed lots of technology-based charter schools and preschools popping up around my city.  My family didn’t purchase a computer until I attended high school, and I learned how to use the internet in college.  Today, I can’t imagine my life without email or online newspapers.  So much has changed in such a small amount of time…it is truly amazing.  How do parents stay on top their children’s online usage and keep them safe?  For many parents, the computer is a household necessity for their family’s academic and social needs, but are they spending the time upfront to prevent unwanted habits and predators?

Safe Surfing Strategies

  • Start early in life.  Play age-appropriate games and check out kid-friendly websites together.
  • Bookmark pages for your kids so they can reach them easily and without hassle.
  • Set boundaries for time, websites, and online chatting.  Set up parental controls and passwords to protect against sensitive materials and inappropriate sites.
  • Have one family computer set up in a community space.
  • Talk to your children honestly about the dangers of chatting with strangers and online bullying of school mates.
  • Teach your older kids how to use search engines and online catalogs correctly.
  • Let your kids know that you are monitoring their online activities.

Here are some great kid friendly websites to check out:

PBS Kids



Sesame Street

Other sites for parents to check out:

Google Family Safety Center
Kids Rules for Online Safety

Social Media and Your Children

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