Communication Basics: Couples Time

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Yesterday I wrote about taking personal time for yourself and allowing the same for your children, along with some of the benefits of doing so.  While I was researching related articles for that post, I came across numerous sites related to couple time.  Couple time entails time away from your kids, with your partner.  It may mean a vacation, date night, or some time together when the kids are at school.

Couple Time Activities

  • Sleep in
  • Intimacy
  • Plan for future situations, vacations, and conversations
  • Evaluate the state of the family
  • Vent about your kids and get some feedback
  • Be around other adults
  • Do adult activities
  • Have an extra glass of wine
  • Pamper/Treat yourselves
  • Talk about different parenting strategies
  • Communicate in an adult way with your spouse

The most important benefit of spending time with your spouse is modeling good relationship behavior to your kids.  Often, after couple time, you will find yourself refreshed and with a renewed commitment to positive communication with your partner.  Communicating effectively to each other while showing respect and empathy goes a long way when teaching your children how to manage their own relationships.  Being in a long-term relationship/marriage is hard work and should be rewarded with a date night here and there.  One of my girlfriends said that when she was young, her mom would fix a stiff cocktail for her dad and sit and talk in the living room for an hour when he got home from work.  The kids were not allowed to bother them for any reason.  This seems old-fashioned to me, but they found a time and made it work.  I also know of parents eating by candlelight together after the kids go to sleep or getting up early together to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.  There are lots of reasons to spend time as a couple, but the most important reasons are your own relationship and modeling good communication for your kids.

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