Back to School Blues

Good morning!

For many students around the country, the upcoming weeks will bring them back to school.  Back to the routine of early mornings, school lunches and homework.  For many kids this is a time of excitement, but for other kids this time of year brings anxiety and fear.  Maybe they had a tough summer or moved to a new school.  Maybe they were bullied last year or had a hard time with academics.  Possibly they did not get into the class of the teacher they wanted or are not with their friends.

For children who are showing signs of anxiety, it may be difficult for parents to connect with or help them.  What does anxiety in kids look like?  Similar to adults, kids can show anxiety in a number of ways.  Changes in sleeping, eating, mood, or emotions are all possible signs of anxiety.  As the first few weeks back to school can set the tone for the entire year, it is important to act fast.

For children that are fearful or feeling negative about school, the key is figuring out the issues, handling them, and moving on.  Skipping school is not an option, and doesn’t deal with the underlying problem.  Dealing with the issues is the only way to get back on track.  Asking questions and providing examples from your own experiences will allow you and your child to put words to feelings.  After identifying the issues you can begin to resolve them.  Even if you can’t resolve all of the issues right away, you now know where your child might need some extra support and conversation.

Good luck to everyone in the coming weeks.  I will be blogging with some tips to make the transition easier for parents and students as well as some ideas for making this school year the best one yet.

– Katherine

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